A Strong Colorado Conservative to Fight for Us


I’m Jeff Crank, and I’m running to represent you in Congress.

Our community deserves a conservative fighter who stands for our values. I’ve been fighting for conservative causes my whole adult life, and it’d be the honor of my life to fight for you in Congress.

We Must:

Secure our Southern Border:

Joe Biden and his administration’s open door at our southern border is at crisis levels. The first priority for every Republican in Congress must be stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into our Country. With our communities ravaged by fentanyl, not securing our border, will only result in more deaths.

Fix Joe Biden’s Broken Economy:

Joe Biden has failed from Day 1, hurting our economic growth and America’s potential. With government overspending causing inflation and driving up the costs of everyday goods and housing prices at unsustainable levels, the American middle class is being crushed on a daily basis. We must return to sane economic policies so American families, entrepreneurs and small businesses can prosper once again.

Fight for Conservative Change:

As a lifelong Second Amendment supporter and gun owner and a proud pro-life advocate, I know the importance of a strong conservative voice on these issues. We have to fight for lower taxes and unraveling of regulations allowing small businesses to flourish, creating jobs and driving economic growth in our state.

Join me in Our Fight

Your support is crucial. Together, we can bring real change to Colorado and ensure our state remains a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. I’m asking for your vote to represent you in Congress. Let’s make the Conservative Change we desperately need.

Let’s Fight for Colorado

Vote Jeff Crank for Congress.

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